The Riding

We searched all over France and Spain to find the perfect location to set up, and finally settled on and in Briançon, a small city in the Hautes-Alpes department in France and the outdoor capital of the southern Alps. We wanted great weather and the longest possible riding season, but we also wanted world-class high alpine mountain biking. Briançon and the Hautes-Alpes department provide both: a Mediterranean climate with 300 days of sunshine per year and a high alpine landscape with the nearby Barre des Ecrins standing at 4102 meter. The result is a vast mountain bike playground littered with trails – one of Europe’s top mountain bike destinations. 

Here are the facts:

  • Direct access to 7 river valleys, each hosting a multitude of mountain bike trails: Guisane, Durance, Clarée, Cerveyrette, Orceyrette/Ayes, Gyronde, and Freissinières.
  • Direct access to several mythical road cols, each with multiple trails leading down from the top: Galibier, Izoard, Lautaret, Granon, Montgenèvre…
  • Direct access to 4 bike parks: Serre Chevalier, Montgenèvre, Valloire, and Bardonecchia.

When booking a mountain bike vacation with us, we ask for information about your mountain bike experience, so that we can adapt our vacation to your mountain bike profile. Our mountain bike vacations range from TRAIL (for riders of intermediate level seeking a first experience on technical singletrack in the mountains) to ENDURO (for expert riders with prior experience on technical singletrack in the mountains). That being said, we named our company after what we ourselves like the most and what we believe our customers like the most, regardless of their experience: singletrack, of which we incorporate as much as possible in any ride. In addition, as we are in the Alps, you will get to ride other typical alpine trail features such as switchbacks, rock gardens, roots, and drops - and all this while crossing a variety of landscapes, from high alpine at the top to wooded at the bottom. 

The key features of a day of riding with are:

  • As much singletrack as possible
  • Up and down, but more down than up (through use of chairlifts or van)
  • A distance of 20 to 65 kilometers
  • A total elevation gain of 300 to 2000 meter
  • A total elevation drop up to 3000 meter
  • Always in the company of one of our guides
  • Tailored to your profile is family-owned and family-run. We keep our mountain bike groups limited to at most 8 people, as a small group equals a better experience for you. All mountain bike guides are BPJEPS-qualified (either directly or through equivalence), in keep with French regulations.