Your Vacation

A week with starts with your arrival on Saturday at our comfortable mountain home, where you will be lodged throughout the entire week. After settling in on Saturday, we go out for a first ride on Sunday. We also ride Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with a day of rest on Wednesday. As all good things come to an end, your vacation with finishes on the Saturday following.

On all days, we serve you breakfast, lunch, afternoon cake or snack, and dinner, apart from Wednesday (day of rest) when we serve breakfast only. Breakfast consists of bread, fresh fruits, cereals, and oats (and of course coffee and tea). Lunch consists of a home-made sandwich for you to take with you on the trails. Just home from the ride, a freshly-baked cake or snack will be waiting for you, and in the evening we all enjoy a healthy and hearty dinner with accompanying wine.

So we don’t ride on Wednesday. Apart from taking it easy, many options are available to pass the day:’s HQ is within walking distance of Briançon’s magnificent historic city center, with its famous and UNESCO-protected Vauban fortifications. Italy is nearby as well, as is the Serre-Ponçon lake in Embrun - a great place for swimming. Or more cycling can be done (we are 3 kilometers away from the Serre Chevalier bike park and 6 from the Montgenèvre bike park), or any of the other sports that can be practiced in the area: hiking, rock climbing/mountaineering, rafting, paragliding… Maybe most importantly, the Hautes-Alpes department is one of France’s last unspoiled corners, a beautiful mountain region imbued with authenticity still. We are sure you are going to like it.

Not only are you on a cycling trip, you are also on vacation, hence why accommodating you to the best of our abilities is of great importance to us.’s comfortable mountain home is equipped with all the amenities to make your stay a pleasurable one:

  • Nice and spacious rooms
  • A spacious garden
  • Plenty of parking space
  • Professional workshop
  • Ping pong table
  • Wifi
  • Within walking distance to Briançon